select distinct on one column with multiple columns returned

For other DBMSs, that have window functions (like Postgres, SQL-Server, Oracle, DB2), you can use them like this. 2 Answers Unable to collect data frame using dbconnect 1 Answer Perhaps you have multiple rows for an ID and want to show only one row for that ID, but want to show multiple columns? how to select top and last ranked record 1 Answer Convert string to RDD in pyspark 3 Answers How to concatenate/append multiple Spark dataframes column wise in Pyspark? SELECT DISTINCT TOP 3 customer_name, order_no, Purchase_Cost FROM PurchaseTable ORDER BY Purchase_Cost ... Get rows having different values for a column based on the duplicate values of combination of other 3 columns. select category , offer_id, store_image from `tbl_coupan_offer` where `offer_id` in (Select max(`offer_id`) … select id, (select top 1 Name + ' , ' + department from @t t2 where = from @t t group by id go. Select DISTINCT on One Column with Multiple Columns Returned. Query One. Select Count(Distinct Value) returns 1 (4) I'm designing a query in SSMS 2005 which looks something like this: SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT ColumnName) FROM Table WHERE ColumnName IS NOT NULL. DISTINCT on one column and return TOP rows. The advantage is that you can select other columns in the result as well (besides the key and value) :. SELECT key, value FROM tableX ( SELECT key, value, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY key ORDER BY whatever) --- ORDER BY NULL AS rn --- for example FROM tableX … In case a column contains multiple NULL values, DISTINCT will keep only one NULL in the result set. Well, you can do that in SQL, but you can’t do it with DISTINCT. It means that the query will use the combination of values in all columns to evaluate the distinction. If you want to select distinct values of some columns in the select list, you should use the GROUP BY clause.. SELECT DISTINCT col1,col2,col3,col4 from table This doesn't work, because DISTINCT here applies to all columns so columns as a whole are distinct. Update: Tested all 5 queries in SQLfiddle with 100K rows (and 2 separate cases, one with few (25) distinct values and another with lots (around 25K values). The DISTINCT keyword is applied to all columns. Get code examples like "select distinct on one column with multiple columns returned sql" instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension. But I want a single column to have distinct … values - select distinct on one column with multiple columns returned . I have to display result with select multiple column but distinct on only one column i have also used following queries and also refereed below link. Gathers the result with two columns where name and dept are merged together in a single column. This method relies on another column that should be … One more approach not mentioned yet is to use window functions, for instance row_number: SELECT * FROM ( SELECT acss_lookup.ID AS acss_lookupID, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY your_distinct_column ORDER BY any_column_you_think_is_appropriate) as num, acss_lookup.product_lookupID AS acssproduct_lookupID, acss_lookup.region_lookupID AS … Ask Question Asked 3 years, 7 months ago. Do you want to use the DISTINCT keyword on one column and show multiple columns? Find answers to SELECT DISTINCT on one column, with multiple columns returned, ms access query from the expert community at Experts Exchange 2. When I run the query with COUNT() it returns the value 1.

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