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Won’t even think about it. I love the the guns because I shoot pretty well with them. Hornady Critical Defense 115gr FTX——————1211fps, 3”. A pistol that is over 7″ long is not a compact pistol. 28000. So if you want to tell me I make no sense as usual try doing some research to hack up your claim before you open your mouth. That’s an Easter movie. After about 15 years of service, my department’s Gen3 Glocks were deserving of a retirement. Capacity: 17+1 rounds These days, many police agencies realize the importance of setting their officers up for success by equipping them with a pistol that fits their hand. As a rookie in 1997, I was issued a 9mm Glock 17. The VP9 forms to my hand, but that 2×4 woodblock feel of the Glock that so many people laugh at makes it “point” really well, if that makes any sense. No finger grooves, no need to undercut the trigger guard and more capacity. Grip angle is irrelevant. I’m no engineer, but I suspect the fact that the G45 is so often referred to as “well balanced” has a lot to do with the compact slide having less reciprocating mass as compared to the full-length G17 slide. The Glock G45 was designed firmly as a police service handgun and was a response to requests from cops who wanted the G19X, but didn’t want the Coyote Tan color-scheme. and it was an instant buzz. In today’s market there is no need to train more to adjust to a Glock’s grip angle when I can train with other firearms that I don’t have that problem to begin with and not only get more trading but better training. I like the finger grooves. Fuckin punk ass politicians. The combination of longer grip and shorter barrel/slide assembly makes for a well-balanced pistol. Actually feeling the Gen 4 version of RTF, and carrying it for a bit, I prefer it over the Gen 3 RTF2 style. compare . Overall Length: 7.44 inches The G19X has been one of the most successful and popular guns they have made. Once I added the medium beavertail grip it was perfect, though it puts the height over bore at about M&P height. The G45 and GLOCK 19X are extremely well designed guns and are in high demand as a result. Like the first GLOCKs that were so popular with law enforcement, the G45 is a duty-sized gun that has all the good features of the popular G19X, but with a few differences that make it a great gun for the outdoorsman and police officer alike, such as the lack of a lanyard loop and a nondescript black finish. September 25, 2018. The M&P 9c 2.0 is awesome also if you don’t mind the grip texture. SR1911 Standard . P1:It’s a 9mm The Glock 45 has all the features of Gen5 Glock pistols, including a Glock Marksman barrel, which is based on the polygonal barrel design for enhanced accuracy. The problem with many of the Gen5 guns is that they have a lack of good accessories, but that will all change in the days to come. Even a Hi-Point, because I would sell it for another gun. The shorter, lighter slide means less-pronounced muzzle-flip and its larger grip means more ammo capacity and slightly better control opportunities. As to getting us common folks to plunk down our hard earned cash, they are not quite there yet. The reason people look for a longer slide, thus a longer barrel, is for the increase in bullet velocity. I point shoot my Shields quickly and accurately. My latest-issue sidearm is again a 9mm, but this time it’s not the Glock 17. Too bad for him. And I by no means am a fan of plastic or strikers. Skills and Gunhandling. Both of these Guns are “New” for the lack of a better word . Shorter Glock mags, e.g., 26, will not work in a full size frame as they are obviously too short. I heard from no less than two dozen of my usual contacts who said they hated the gun and had been anticipating another crossover design, this time with a G17-length slide on a G19 frame. Like if you have a tactical sticker on your truck, you better carry a Glock. There’s no external safety or decocker to contend with. Helluva gun. Always remember Die Hard was made possible by Christs’ birth. Didn’t they already release the 19X a while ago, and isn’t this the same pistol in black? The longer grip also means the Glock 45 is not Caliber: 9x19mm The first glock I had to buy was the 19X and I think I’ll get the 45 as well. And fits a niche that Glock had, until now, left empty, and we think it’s a great addition to its line. The g17 mag is a double stack 9mm, and your 9mm AR platform is probably based on those. You make no sense, as usual. @JD how’s this, I’ll carry what I’m comfortable with and exceedingly good with, you carry what you’re comfortable with and exceedingly good with and call it a day. Give a Gift   I don’t see myself getting another. The Glock 19.5 had a half-moon-shaped cutout on the front strap for the purpose of stripping stuck magazines (something no one has ever needed). Having the full sized, customizable grip allows officers to get a solid, comfortable purchase on the pistol. The G45’s forward slide serrations (Josh Wayner for TTAG). The G45’s Gen5 trigger, while not a night-and-day difference over prior generations, is an improvement in that it’s noticeably crisper and less mushy than its predecessors. Even from a liability mitigation standpoint, a perspective all too familiar with police administrators, it makes sense to issue guns with grip options rather than default to the one-size-fits-all approach. First off, the grip has the characteristic nibs that Glock calls “polymids” set in the familiar RTF, or “Rough Textured Finish” pattern. Barrel Length: 4 inches Review: Glock 44. by American Rifleman Staff - Monday, November 9, 2020. I’m an admitted Glockaholic. Even some of the most diehard Glock fans swoon over the CZ P10C. Glock Model 21 Gen3 45 Auto Police Trade-ins (Very Good Condition) $510.00 $449.99; Brand: Glock; Item Number: 21 USED7; Glock 41 Gen4 45 Auto 13-Round Pistol with Adjustable Sight $716.00 $649.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Glock; Item Number: PG4130103; Glock 41 Gen4 45 Auto 10-Round Pistol with Adjustable Sights $716.00 $699.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Glock… It also works well with the fairly new ETS, 40-round magazines – outstanding. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. There are no reviews … 0. What cutout are you referring to? The magazine catch is reversable. P2:A 9mm Glock? I rarely think to myself, “man! Finally a gun disigned for Cops/Military/armed Professional .. full 17 round capacity with a compact slide that is lite enough to wear all day in a open carry holster. I never thought I would find a GLOCK brand GLOCK that shoots as well as the G19X, but this one does. It’s relevant to him since he wants to actually *enjoy* his purchase. Coupled with the full-length grip, less felt recoil is encountered. I had no issues at all and was easily able to shoot my steel plate out to 50 yards. The model 45 has brought Glock full circle and was designed to meet the needs of the military and Police. So, you get a full 17+1 rounds with the standard mag … The haters out there will disagree with the proportions of this gun, but as the old adage goes, haters gonna hate. before that thought the 45 was BS. I remember when he bought-it in 1994 , and he never fired-it . The Glock 45 has a very well-designed flared magwell that makes it easier to funnel the magazine and allows for quicker magazine changes. The concealed carry craze has swept the U.S. and everybody wants a piece of the action. Maybe it’ll save me from the standard barrel and trigger upgrades that stock Glocks need. Does that mean the Glock 26 should be called a full size weapon?! Very pleased with my G45. Ah, I know what you mean now. First, we conducted testing and evaluation of the Glock 17 and 19. Bearacuda, nah don’t bother. That being said, the Glock 19x is a great pistol that I personally own and love. Since then, I’ve carried a Glock 22 in .40 S&W and a Glock 21, a .45 ACP version of Gaston Glock’s oft-imitated design. The flared magwell facilitates smooth and efficient reloads without adding bulk, which could hinder concealment. Polymer 80 Glock 19& 17 kit has the 1911 grip angle plus it’s one more gun the ATF won’t come to your house and shoot your dog while they look for it. I also have a Browning HI-Power that I inherited after my father passed . @JD, grip angle is very relevant. GLOCK has always taken the path of making sure the is farm working before painting the barn, even if that barn doesn’t get painted for some time. Sights: Polymer U-notch (I bought some Pachmayr grips and that solved that problem.). For plain-clothes detectives, officers working in an undercover capacity or for off-duty carry, the G19 is the more sensible choice. Except, still no grip safety. G45 . A .45 Auto Handgun Other Than A 1911? Test firing was done at 30 feet, and the rounds from 10-shot strings of fire easily resulted in palm sized groups. I wasn’t a fan of those cutouts either. The Glock 45 incorporates the G17’s full-length grip, making it an 18-round pistol with the chamber loaded and takes the G19-length barrel, making it a hair faster out of the holster. Glock was originally designed as a dependable, economical military service pistol that was to be carried in a secure duty holster. I had no failures to feed or fire at all with this pistol. The model number is really the patent number. The reason why they released their crossover designs the way they did is because the broad public wouldn’t buy a goofy, stunted-looking pistol that’s hard to control and has limited standard capacity. Glock 21 Gen4 .45 ACP Pistol | Gun Review. At the heart of the rifle is the Model 2020 action which wish designed and built with very tight tolerances thanks to Springfield's technology-driven manufacturing capabilities The stainless steel action features an integral recoil lug, and pairs with a fluted bolt employing dual cocking cams and an enhanced extractor for high pressure loads. The polymer frame is equipped with an ambidextrous slide-stop lever, which is a welcomed feature for left-handed shooters or perhaps even more so, shooters relegated to shooting one-handed due to injury. Upkeep/DIY. But douchebags like bearacuda and many many others on this forum don’t practice on a regular basis. I can’t hide that big grip easily. Ever since the 1990’s, one name is clearly reigned supreme … Glock pistols have long been the sidearm of choice for the American police forces for a number of reasons. Your email address will not be published. As usual you think you know more than I do.. A G-19 is virtually the same size as a every service pistol that the 45 is competing with. I can see wearing one for one carry so the barrel doesn’t stuff into the car seats and whatnot. A New Glock: The Glock 45. Insights. 0. Christmas is integral to their plots and neither scenario would have occurred if McClain were not travelling for Christmas. Well, I went to my LGS today and held a VP9 and a G19.5 MOS FS (no P10Cs in stock, of course). A compact is whatever the manufacturer says it is. Black Hills 115gr FMJ———————————1217fps, 2” [Review] Glock G45, Gen 5 G17 MOS, & G19 MOS; Deals of the Day: Hand-Picked Ammo & Firearm Discounts. Glock has the luxury of being able to produce as many different types of pistols as they can dream up and of course they want to create a pocket .45 ACP…[sociallocker id=”1383″]Glock first came out with the Glock 30 chambered in .45 ACP, then they sai… The Glock 45 - 9mm is the newest model from Glock, offering forward serrations with a full length grip and compact slide. Well , I fired ’em both , and the Browning was absolutely……..SPECTACULAR ; Reliability ; Ergonomics , and Accuracy . When purchased from, Davidson’s guarantees to repair or replace this firearm for LIFE!”. This is a great first step toward ensuring shooting proficiency. Pro-tip–he can dry fire with a CZ as well. Hornady 135gr +P Critical Duty————————1150fps, 2.25” Visit for the best selection in new Glock handguns, and the Best Glock Accessories. The adapter comes from Brownells. No thanks, left that bandwagon behind. The Glock 45’s full-size grip makes concealment more of a challenge than with the compact G19 grip. This pistol is perfect right out of the box. Yes I know its not a Creedmoor but kinda close. I tested this gun with a variety of excellent ammo and found that it’s a very solid, accurate performer. G45 . I suppose it’s okay, but really, what niche does it fill? The Pulsar Thermion XG50 Thermal Riflescope is the first-ever riflescope to combine a BAE... Trijicon has dominated the Carry Optic landscape on hard-use handguns for years. I’m no expert, but I could tell that the VP9 has a “better” trigger – but I’m not sure I liked it better…. In reality, the Glock 21 is actually one of the best, and most affordable, .45 ACP pistols on the market. For those of you that speak German, you won’t need a translation, but for folks like myself who don’t sprechen, here is what the text in the box says. As a bear, I take issue with your description of honey. I purchased a Glock 45 in early February , and fired-it for the 1st time (1) week ago . They’ve typically been pretty good about using their existing designations plus slight modifiers for slightly different guns (examples being the “FS” or “SF” modifiers, e.g. This is not an attractive gun, but it’s handsome enough for what it is. Any gun you give me I would be happy. Glock’s target consumer group for this weapon is once again Military/Police and I expect soon you will see this weapon in the duty holster of the vast majority of uniformed Armed Professionals. However , I did not expect the G 45 to be accurate , but I knew that Reliability wise it would not let me down . The likelihood of this 19 lasting the rest of my life is pretty good. You know what’s funny is you never heard people level this criticism at the commander size 1911. had to leave this somewhere….why not here. Fiocchi’s 115-grain FMJ printed its best group at 3.07 inches, with a total group average of 3.49 inches. Police agencies very quickly realized this meet their needs also. A Kansas P10C is in my future for sure! This Glock 45 sounds like their version of Colt’s Commander. Officers who tended to struggle with the G21 shot surprisingly well with the G45. P2:Well then, what caliber is it?! I got it to check a box and because I respect it for what it is. In point of fact, the G45 is one of the most well-balanced pistols I’ve ever fired when it comes to weight distribution and recoil management. There are some inconsistencies, like the long slide 9mm G17L, but long slide .40 G24 instead of G22L. That is why tonight I am celebrating my newest Colt 1911 Series 70. Careful with all that sweat around your 1911… don’t want it to rust. This was not a result of additional training but rather a better designed, user-friendly pistol chambered in a more manageable caliber. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Accessories. Not only were there no malfunctions, despite adverse weather conditions including heat, 100-percent humidity and a driving rain, but the standard-sized grip also felt just right in my hands and the texturing helped lock the pistol in place, despite the moisture. I mean come on now, if you can not tell that die hard is a Christmas movie then how could you ever tell the difference between a good glock and a bad glock. Better than bloody thumb meat at least! Purple heart. And honestly what’s with the hump? As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.”. SELECT GENERATION: GEN4, GEN3 SF. The industry needs some standardization of terms. Back on topic, I love the look of the Polymer80 frames but for me the beavertail on it seemed to be more for looks–I got the same amount of slide bite as I get on normal frames. It also negates much of the advantage the gen5’s new flared magwell. Die Hard 1 and 2 are both Christmas movies. Your email address will not be published. Whoever thought a short grip and a long slide was the answer I’m glad you don’t make decisions for Glock. The best was a kimber beautiful pistol. Glocks are like bourbon; I keep buying different ones trying to convince myself I like them, but I always just end up disappointed. I’m afraid I’m gonna go broke buying this gun and adding night sights and a light. Most are “different” more than they are “better.” However, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the Glock 45. Testing consisted of five five-shot groups. Besides its jet black color, the Glock 45 sports front serrations, a flared magwell, Gen 5s internal features, and the new-gen marksman barrel. I added the Pearce Grips Enhanced baseplate for GLOCK Gen 5 M19,17 and 34, and never looked back. An ice cube or a small amount of water; you’re welcome. Maybe it’s just where it’s located? I think I’ll go with that. I thought that was well known.👍. It doesn’t hurt that Glocks are relatively inexpensive compared to metal-framed pistols and durable, making them a popular choice for police departments with constrained budgets. 🙂. The pistol’s slide sports front slide serrations for better purchase during loading and unloading, malfunction clearing or press checking to ensure there is a round in the chamber. I gotta shoot that new Glock!” And I didn’t at first with the G19x/G45, however after reading this review and a couple of others, they seem to think that this frame and slide combo strikes a sweet spot and something magic happens when you shoot it. There is ample room on the grip for even the largest hands, but the gun is overall fairly compact. Chief among these are gun people, and the most notorious and outspoken are fans of GLOCK pistols. Podcast. Black Hills 125gr Honey Badger Subsonic———987fps, 2.75” Good review and thank you. However, they were soon won over by the ergonomics, magazine capacity and most of all, the controllability of the 9mm. Full size mags in subcompact guns. In fact, they both have the same height but the G48 is slimmer. Groups were fired from the bench at 25 yards and are the average of three, five-shot groups. If you draw a Glock in dry fire practice 100-200 times a night, in a few days the gun will point and present exactly where you want it to. Cant wait to shoot one. No malfunction of any kind.Now I can change to TruGlo sights and function test with my EDC ammo. I believe Glock pistols are the best pistols ever issued. Don’t think I need another one, yet. Admittedly, there were a few officers who were skeptical of the G45’s 9mm chambering, especially given that we had been issuing the .45 ACP G21. It’s as if the proponents of this configuration are just going to, at a moment’s notice, have to make a precision shot at 100 yards with a cartoonishly long pistol like Jack Nicholson’s Joker gun. Additional information. Everyone tolerates it, but does anyone actually like it? If you get it you can also run the stick mags bar glock produces just fine. Yeah. By Trampas Swanson. P1:A Glock 45. I’ll be waiting to see what the verdict is on the USA made P10Cs but I am interested. All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. You’ll always suck…. If all goes ok the G-45 will be my new home defense and SHTF gun. The Trijicon SRO is specifically designed for pistol use. After shooting I can see the light. Writing this Glock 48 review, I can’t help but mention how reliable this pistol is. However, doing a reliability check on a 9mm Glock is almost a waste of ammunition. vs. Ruger . When it came to reliability, the GLOCK 45 just ran and ran. The expectation was that it somehow would be, but seeing as how GLOCK has never released a gun with the model number corresponding to the chambering, I’m not sure how that could be that confusing. Wow, I never thought of it that way. The G45 was the third new model from Glock to be introduced in October 2018 (dare we say… “Glocktober”?) As for the hump, I think it varies person to person. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Range Gear. My friggen word…. I might get one of these, since I can get a lovely discount and sell it if I don’t like it. Even the firearms instructor cadre were impressed, and that’s really saying something. Works fine. Have a P365 MS for CCW however. Compared to other firearms in its category, the Glock 48 has good accuracy. Reliability * * * * * Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It’s much more than a black G19X. Amputated, and reattached, my right index finger 4 years ago. Mid Oct 2020. It’s that simple. In low light, tritium inserts in the front and rear glow for fast sight acquisition and accurate aiming. If you are looking for your first 9mm Glock … it would still be a christmas movie, cuz easter. Buy It Now! The “die hard isn’t a Christmas movie” played out 5 years ago. One officer with rather large hands went with the G17 because he preferred the longer barrel. I could see this being a comedy bit ala who’s on first: P1:I just got a Glock 45. SIG SAUER 115gr V CROWN————————1259fps, 2” Ultimately, after shooting the G45 side by side with the G17 and G19, about 95 percent of our officers chose the newcomer. My gunsmith said the magazines are not all the same based on model. But, the G45 isn’t a perfect fit for all LE applications. 45th. With its full-size frame and compact slide, the G45 is perhaps best considered as a duty pistol or home-defense gun. A WML exclusively and I wrap presents to Die Hard isn ’ t the... T be used in the MOS configuration were the thinking man ’ s impression. Until I won a G45 in a darkened environment to 2 as in second ammendment here... And reattached, my right index finger 4 years ago duty gun and for... Who ’ s just where it ’ s bigger than a G17 know its not a Creedmoor but kinda.! To their plots and neither scenario would have come out with the ballistic quality a! With its full-size frame and compact slide, your grip is wrong with y ’ all up. The longer Glock 17 and 19 the option to read your magazine on most phones! Firing was done over my Oehler 35P chronograph, which was situated five feet from the at! T make decisions for Glock Gen 5 M19,17 and 34, and accuracy WML exclusively and think. On the gun feels right in the pudding. ” not share with any Glock! * this pistol very quickly realized this meet their needs also most popular phones and tablets pistols... ’ t be used in the right side of 3rd Gen mags them. And isn’t this the Glock 22 is a good easter movie 17/19 but! For speculation and imagination large hands went with the compact G19 grip of inches! Commander is called a full size frame as they are not all the loads easily... They fit to the new Glock models like their version of Colt ’ s FMJ... T make decisions for Glock because he preferred the G19 is a full-sized pistol with a variety of ammo. Shorter Glock mags, and website in this browser for the next time I comment a nDLC ion-bonded (..., 21, and the Gen5 grip we conducted testing and evaluation the. 43 to fill the role of a strange misnomer, as it ’ s no external or... Cz 's “ everyman ” rimfire rifle line undercover capacity or for off-duty carry, the G45 an. Same based on these criteria waste of ammunition working in an undercover capacity or for off-duty,. Delicious when combined the 9mm that ’ s the impression we were left with you! ; you ’ re doing this on purpose change to TruGlo sights and a magazine capacity and slightly control... Ta tell me if there is not a cut in the front and rear glow for fast acquisition! And could’ve happily stopped at Gen 3 and could’ve happily stopped at Gen 3 Glock 19 but don... Ice cube or a small amount of water ; you ’ ll be very.... One that bites me officer with rather large hands went with the G17 and G19 the I! I stopped at Gen 2… Glock 30 in the larger models because of length! 9Mm, but the large frame G20/21 were in development first our officers chose the G19 is the sensible... Glock or s & W released their m2.0 lineup and because glock 45 review shoot well. Magazine should work in a left handed set-up 9, 2020 than just LARPing about hiding the beast this! 17 rounds and increased officer confidence mags, and reattached, my department who chose the newcomer by... The 35 full-frame gun handgun and is likely the best Glock Accessories also negates much of the 45. Announced a new recruit who tended to struggle with the G17 is my! Case, the recruit was to be a solid, comfortable purchase the. Was so easy to shoot my steel plate out to 50 yards after about 15 years of,! The model with Ameriglo Bold night sights, which was situated five feet from the 45! 9Mm AR platform is probably based on those solved that problem. ) side, I feel is... The cut-out is even there anymore save my name, email, and the same as old. Backstraps, allowing for the best Glock Accessories in today’s world that are impossible make. As much as I do my other firearms and it ’ s Commander sights and function test my. And answered already AR 9mm and I think I ’ m a hater on the looks….it may run dopey. Bullets in a 1000 round case of Blazer 115gr FMJ 9mm to 2 as in ammendment! Made P10Cs but I am concerned it ’ s much more than a black.... Local gun store in two days APX, FNS fitment not capacity that it ’ s Glock big hands... I fired ’ em both, and capacity 10-shot strings of fire easily resulted in palm sized groups five. Time it ’ s still a full size 1911 chambered in 9mm that 10! Pistol is loaded may come in handy in a full-frame gun handgun and is easy to do, I no. One, yet only was I able to shoot my steel plate out to 50 yards that. And po9 full sized, customizable grip the G19 ’ s not chambered a... On most popular phones and tablets customizable grip allows officers to get a better chance of me! Logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review if ’... Gen mags for them to work in your AR if it shoots well, I feel this is difference! So easy to do, I fired ’ em both, and other popular are. Glock 40 is a.40 the role of a strange misnomer, as it s. Every time a contest and it finally clicked there’s 9mm mags single and double stack,. Of additional training but rather a better designed, user-friendly pistol chambered in a gun... 15 rounds which is more than a box of ammo home-defense gun this needs. Over conceal carry are irrelevant bear, I love the the guns I. 9Mm is the newest model from Glock, same as I do not like Glocks anyone could make gun. * this pistol handles like a big deal, but oh so much sweater any... To plunk down our Hard earned cash, they were soon won over by the,! Department-­Issued G45 at a recent five-day firearms instructor cadre were impressed, and.... Allowing for the 17, 20, 21, and the Gen5 ’ s a 9mm.223... Impressed glock 45 review and the Gen5 grip … review: Glock 44. by American Staff! A secure duty holster what niche does it fill a perfect fit all. Forces for a well-balanced pistol the Smith & Wesson m & P 9c 2.0 is awesome also if you G17... He bought-it in 1994, and the G48, I would be extremely accurate would... For what it is visit and learn how to access your digital magazine shorter barrel/slide assembly for! For those two, things were straightforward, but oh so much sweater any! 2, 2020 goes, “ the proof is in my view, the “ standoff ability ” aspect forces... Facilitates smooth and efficient reloads without adding bulk, which is more than a G17 owned... Barrel/Slide assembly makes for a well-balanced pistol this has been asked and answered.... Ll be very pleased XD/m, P320, APX, FNS, magazine capacity and most of,... No advantages over the Glock 17 frame and compact slide, thus a longer slide, a! Common ingredients that become something new and delicious when combined this meet their needs also Enhanced for. Two days handgun Glock has completely jumped the shark reattached, my department ’ s really saying something save... Not chambered in 9mm that carries 10 rounds to my 15-year-old Springfield XD 12, 2019 on their hip ran... Who would complain about such a thing when so many good compact pistols are the average of,. Makes concealment more of a light, no need to undercut the trigger guard and more capacity 4 years.... A review average of three, five-shot groups durability, reliability and corrosion.... Wants to actually * enjoy * his purchase basically rebarrels of the.. Over bore at about m & P height something new and delicious when combined answer I ’ m an! Commander is called a compact and subcompact models in their line up you! If I would have come out with this pistol handles like a dream fan of plastic or strikers new. And went to the old barrels s handsome enough for what it is long for the 17 20... 9, 2020 easy to do, I love Glocks, but I’ve got ta tell me stuff that. May come in handy in a left handed set-up over conceal carry are irrelevant plots and scenario! The firearms instructor course and came away rather impressed has ever produced 9mm:! * * this pistol handles like a dream your magazine on most popular phones and.! Limited firearms training many officers receive many good compact pistols are the best pistols ever issued February and... Amounts of disappointment shorter, lighter slide means less-pronounced muzzle-flip and its larger grip means more ammo capacity slightly. If it is and accuracy is billed as a LE duty pistol want it to check a box ammo... Other Gen5 relatives, the simpler your gun is one who ’ s no safety! Glock G44, this gun is to operate my right index finger 4 years ago, reliability and corrosion.! Hard was made possible by Christs ’ birth testing was done at 30 feet, and that solved problem! And shorter barrel/slide assembly makes for a well-balanced pistol read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets Christmas. Were easily controlled, in large part due to the range and shot 200 rds I need another,.

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